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The Scouting Force
Experimental Force (SFX)
Steeple Morden July 1944 to 19 Sept 1944
1st Scouting Force
Honington 19 Sept 1944 to 13 March 1945
Bassingbourn 13 March 1945 (as 857th Bomb Squadron) to End of War
2nd Scouting Force
Steeple Morden 19 Sept 1944 to End of War
3rd Scouting Force
Wormingford August 1944 to End of War
Station Callsign:
Experimental Force (SFX)
Two Room
1st Scouting Force
Honington: Outside
Bassingborn: Information wanted
2nd Scouting Force
Two Room
3rd Scouting Force
SFX Code: WR OS YF Callsign: Buckeye
(ex bomber pilots)
(fighter pilots)
1SF Code: N2 5Y 5E (Honington) 9H (Bassingbourn) Callsign: Buckeye (Honington) Cavalry (Bassingbourn)
2SF Code: WR OS YF Callsign: Bootleg
3SF Code: CG CL CY Callsign: Kodak

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Serial No Type Squad CodePilot Rank / Given Names Markings Comments MACR
42-106448 P-51B 1SF N2-        w/w Lost 14 Feb 45 - F/O Thomas W Kiley KITA - mid air with RAF Stirling  
42-106727 P-51B 1SF 5E-T     Terrible Tommy OTU a/c. Taxi accident Honington 15 Feb 45 - Lt. William L Rogers  
43-25053 P-51C 1SF 9H-A          
44- P-51D 1SF  -  Burkholder Lt. Robert (ex 457 B/G) The Little Duchess    
44- P-51D 1SF  -  O'Connor Capt. Frederick T (ex 364 F/G) Mary Honey Named for future Wife  
44-11233 P-51D 1SF 5Y-T       Lost 1 Feb 45 - Lt. Edgar A Knapp Jr KIFA  
44-13283 P-51D 1SF 5E-A Peaslee Col. Budd J (ex 384th BG) Carolyn Ann Named for his wife. Lost 10 Jan 45 - Lt. William J Doherty details unknown. 11876
44-13557 P-51D 1SF 5E-E Smith Lt. Richard L "Spider" Easy Does It    
44-13659 P-51D 1SF 9H-J Dumont Lt. Merrill J (ex 303rd BG) Chip Ex Morphine Sue II of SFX  
44-13659 P-51D 1SF 5E-J       Crash landed 20 Feb 45 - Lt. Stuart Honaker (per accident report)  
44-13686 P-51D 1SF 5E-N Brooks Lt.Col. Allison C Rugged Rebel From SFX ex YF-N "III" dropped from name. Lost 3 Feb 45 - Lt. John J Allen POW. 12173
44-13709 P-51D 1SF N2-H Brown Capt. Fred (ex 401 BG) Frances Anne Taxiing accident 9 November 1944 - rear fuselage chopped away by 44-13557 5E-E of Lt. Dick "Spider" Smith. Pilot Lt. Ellis J Wheless uninjured.  
44-13754 P-51D 1SF 9H-F Cox Lt. William E (ex 401st BG)   Lost in this a/c 3 April 45 due to mechanical failure - MIA 13944
44-13764 P-51D 1SF 5E-B Algar Capt. Phillip M (ex 384BG)   Lost 15 Feb 45 - F/O. Irvin E Lang KIA 12377
44-13891 P-51D 1SF 5E-G Allen Lt. John J (ex 306 B/G & SFX)   Damaged in landing accident 11 Oct 44 - Lt. Norman L Box. details unknown  
44-14189 P-51D 1SF 5E-R Schoefield Lt. William E (ex 379 B/G & SF(E)) Francisco    
44-14262 P-51D 1SF 9H-Y Taurone Lt. Dominic T   Crash landed Bassingbourn 12 April 45 - Lt Dominic T Taurone  
44-14375 P-51D 1SF 5E-K          
44-14895 P-51D 1SF 9H-  McCrory Capt. Dale NMI (ex 381BG) Cis Peg Rocket (L) / Scotty (R) Cis & Peg = start of cc and acc wife names. Scotty = Capt. McCrory. Lost 12 April 45 - Lt. William D Hall bailed out ok Baldock/Royston area due toSystems failure.  
44-14933 P-51D 1SF 5E-X Huffman Lt. Rex F Rugged Rebel Replacement a/c for 5E-N. Crash-landed Belgium 3 Feb 45 -Lt. Hoffman details unknown  
44-15179 P-51D 1SF 5E-U          
44-15593 P-51D 1SF  -        Taxi accident Honington 21 Jan 45 - Lt. William E Scofield  
44-63748 P-51D 1SF 9H-      Little Dutchess Lost 10 April 45 due to mechanical failure over Berlin - Lt. William L Rogers POW 13758
44-72239 P-51D 1SF 9H-Z Simpson Capt. John W (ex 356 FG) Zoom Zoozie    
44-72335 P-51D 1SF 9H-P Nelson Lt. Joseph D (ex 381 BG)   Lost in this a/c 16 April 45 - KIFA  
44-72497 P-51D 1SF 9H-H Rosenbauer Lt. Elwood J "Jack" Bit O' Heaven    
44-11567 P-51K 1SF 5Y-P     Dana Kay Crash landed 15 Jan 45 - Lt. Wayne O Fox  
44- P-51D 2SF WR-Z Allen Lt. David R (ex 4 F/G)      
44- P-51D 2SF OS-I Castleberry Lt. Marvin A (ex 355 F/G) Lady Alyce    
44- P-51D 2SF  -  Counselman Capt. Roger (ex 453 B/G) June Bug    
44- P-51D 2SF  -  Edmonson Capt. Robert A (ex 44 B/G) Sassy Shari    
44- P-51D 2SF OS-I Hornickel Lt. William G (ex 4 F/G)      
44- P-51D 2SF OS-C Hughes Lt. Walter R (ex 4 F/G)      
44- P-51D 2SF WR-S Marmon Lt. Leon H (ex 361 F/G) Li'l Filly    
44- P-51D 2SF YF-E McLear Lt. Robert M (ex 355 F/G)      
44- P-51D 2SF WR-B Moore Capt. Robert F (ex 445 B/G) Madge II    
44- P-51D 2SF WR-B Nyman Capt. Richard W (ex 458 B/G) Piggy Eyes    
44- P-51D 2SF OS-G Orrick Lt. Thomas H (ex 479 FG)      
44- P-51D 2SF YF-W Rodebaugh Lt. Charles R (ex 355 F/G)      
44-72844 P-51D 2SF YF-M Shewfelt Lt. Ray L Li'l Larry III    
44- P-51D 2SF OS-G Smith Lt. Kirby D (ex 355 F/G)      
44- P-51D 2SF WR-S Wilkins Lt. John K Jr. (ex 479 F/G)      
44-1#### P-51D 2SF YF-D Ceglarski Capt. George W (ex 4 F/G) Sweet Stuff II    
44-11341 P-51D 2SF YF-D Ceglarski Capt. George W (ex 4 F/G) Sweet Stuff    
44-13397 P-51D 2SF OS-F          
44-13611 P-51D 2SF WR-L Kilmer Lt. James L (ex 355 FG)      
44-13728 P-51D 2SF OS-G       Lost 16 Sept 44 - Lt. William S Burtt KIFA  
44-14300 P-51D 2SF WR-A Whalen Lt. William E "Gooney Bird" (ex 4 F/G)   Written-off 10 Dec 44 - crash landing  
44-14309 P-51D 2SF YF-X Brooks Lt.Col. John A III Calamity Jane (L) Punkin (R) Named for wife  
44-14371 P-51D 2SF WR-Z Getz Capt. Charles W III (ex 491 B/G) Saucy Shirley Named for his high school sweetheart Shirley Marie Anderson who did not become Mrs Getz!  
44-14428 P-51D 2SF YF-A       Lost 9 Feb 45 - Lt. Thomas J Taylor KIA 12335
44-14439 P-51D 2SF OS-Z Stauder Capt. James B   Lost in this a/c 25 Nov 44 - KIA 10815
44-14441 P-51D 2SF WR-S Lindley Lt. Glen D (ex 479 F/G) Ellen II Named for his wife. Lost 24 March 1945 - Capt. Leonard H Monefeldt KIA.  
44-14460 P-51D 2SF WR-R Whitlow Lt. Robert Hi Nell Name "Mr Hell" per P-TM8 - photo confirms "Hi" (named for future wife Cornel (Nell))  
44-14497 P-51D 2SF OS-U Gerber Lt. John A (ex 56 F/G) Restless Ruthie    
44-14497 P-51D 2SF OS-U Miller Lt. John H (ex 361 F/G) Little Speedy (L) Butch (R)    
44-14524 P-51D 2SF YF-M Shewfelt Lt. Ray L (ex 479 F/G) Li'l Larry II (L) YO.O.O!! (R) Named for his new son - not yet seen.  
44-14581 P-51D 2SF YF-W Williams Lt. Robert M (ex 479 F/G) Honeychild 3rd Lost 17 Jan 45 - Lt. William E Hornickel KIA 11914
44-14898 P-51D 2SF YF-J Ziegler Capt. George T   Lost 6 Nov 44 in mid-air collision with 44-14143 of 339FG D7-? Lt. Alan F Crump  
44-14998 P-51D 2SF YF-W Rodebaugh Lt. Charles R (ex 355 FG) Restless Ruthie    
44-15013 P-51D 2SF OS-D       Lost 5 Dec 44 - Lt. Benjamin G Williams POW 10814
44-15211 P-51D 2SF WR-A          
44-15518 P-51D 2SF OS-S          
44-63219 P-51D 2SF OS-Y Elliot Lt Col. Frank B Fnoodle/Nonnie Took to 4th FG with him.  
44-63739 P-51D 2SF YF-Q Bancroft Lt. William H (ex 4 F/G) The Body's Bastard a/c from Dillon  
44-63739 P-51D 2SF YF-Q Dillon Capt. Richard M (ex 355 F/G) Rugged Rebel V Final a/c on return from 1SF @ Honington a/c to Bancroft  
44-64081 P-51D 2SF YF-Q Bancroft Lt. William H (ex 4 F/G) The Body's Bastard    
43-25037 P-51C 3SF CL-C       Crash landed 15 Feb 45 - Lt. Friend F Wilson  
44- P-51D 3SF  -  Beaty Edward Miss Corky Named for wife  
44-63204 P-51D 3SF CY-F Jacobson Lt. Richard (ex 486th BG) And Jeff Ex "The Millie G" of Maj. Giller. Mutt & Jeff = comic-strip characters  
44-14095 P-51D 3SF CL-J Klasinski Lt. Anthony My Little Angel    
44-14154 P-51D 3SF CG-A Unger Lt. Edward (ex 486th BG) Mutt Mutt & Jeff = comic-strip characters  
44-11349 P-51D 3SF CY-        Flown by Maj. Gagon on 3 Feb 45. Lost 6 Feb 45 - Lt. Brian J Booker KIFA  
44-13545 P-51D 3SF  -        Flown by F/O Connors on 3 Feb 45  
44-13650 P-51D 3SF  -        Flown by Lt. Mooers on 3 Feb 45  
44-13886 P-51D 3SF CY-  Klank Lt. Walter C Jr. Miss Jane the 1st Lost in this a/c 24 Dec 44 - POW 11083
44-14053 P-51D 3SF CG-M Masters Lt.Col. Vincent W (ex 385th BG) Master's Mistress    
44-14083 P-51D 3SF CL-        Lost 19 Sept 44 - Capt. Wesley G Lundholm bailed out  
44-14095 P-51D 3SF  -        Flown by Lt. Klasinski on 3 Feb 45  
44-14124 P-51D 3SF CL-X Owen Capt. William B (ex 96th BG) Homer's Roamer Named for Crew Chief Homer Cheek. Flown by Lt. Erickson 3 Feb 45  
44-14182 P-51D 3SF  -        Flown by Lt. Sharp on 3 Feb 45  
44-14184 P-51D 3SF CY-E       Flown by Capt. Beaty on 3 Feb 45.  
44-14193 P-51D 3SF  -        Flown by Lt. Gifford 3 Feb 45  
44-14199 P-51D 3SF CG-X     White Hope Ground looped 8 Feb 45 - Robert L Sharp  
44-14249 P-51D 3SF CY-P Manlove Capt. Clifford J (ex 490th BG) June Bug Flown by Capt. Manlove on 3 Feb 45  
44-14676 P-51D 3SF CL-I Searby Lt. William "Bud" (ex 487th BG) Louise Named for his mother.  
44-14782 P-51D 3SF CY-N Gagon Capt. Stanley E (ex 447th BG) La Verne Crashed 3 Feb 45 @ Wormingford - Lt. Bryan Booker  
44-14783 P-51D 3SF CG-C Fuller Capt. Andrew W (ex 486th BG)   Flown by Capt Fitzimonds on 3 Feb 45  
44-15048 P-51D 3SF CL-A Difley Lt. David M   Flown by Lt. McNeeley on 3 Feb 45  
44-15331 P-51D 3SF CL-        Lost 15 Jan 45 - Lt. William W Patton KIA  
44-63204 P-51D 3SF CY-F/ DeGeneres Lt. Earl M Jr. "Pinky" (ex 487th BG)      
44-12152 P-51K 3SF CY-        Lost 3 April 45 due to another P-51 - Lt. John Stein Jr. details unknown 13964
44-72963 P-51D 3SF CL-        Lost 20 April 1945. Lt. Tom L Fitzsimons killed in crash at Maargraten due to systems failure.  
44-14278 P-51D 3SF CL-N Hall Capt. Robert T   Lost in this a/c 18 January 1945 -KIA  
44- P-51D 3SF CG-P Wilson Lt. Friend F (ex 94th B/G) Miss Vera Named for his sister.  
43-24844 P-51B SFX YF-O McNally Lt. Russell J   Lost 11 July 44 - Trembath - bailed out over London - Returned  
44-13283 P-51D SFX YF-A Peaslee Col. Budd J (ex 384th BG) Carolyn Ann Named for his wife.  
44-13279 P-51D SFX OS-M Buckles Lt. Clifford R (ex 355 F/G) Lois    
44-13349 P-51D SFX WR-W Williams Lt. Sumner Clark Margie II    
44-13553 P-51D SFX WR-C Dressendorfer Lt. Vincent G (ex 305 BG)   Lost in this a/c 1 Aug 44 - KIA 7727

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