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Ramrod To Munster - Appendix D

Walrus HD933 piloted by W/O Bedford and L/A Westbrook was sent to recover a downed Mustang pilot, Steve Ananian. This aircraft succeeded in landing on the water in spite of extremely high winds and rough seas. See Addendum and log below.


By "A" Flight No 278 Squadron
For the Month of October 1944

Page No. ONE

Type and Number
Time Up
Time Down
Details of Sortie or Flight
1st Oct           No operational flying - only ferrying trips to Bradwell Bay
2nd Oct           No operational flying - night flying by one section of 
3rd Oct Walrus S/Lt. Carr - Gregg Attempt rescue 13.00   was sent to Coltishall to re-fuel and collect an escort of Mustangs to attempt to rescue of a dinghy(s) just off TERSCHILLING (HOLLAND). This was abandoned as no escort available and dinghy(s) reported to have drifted inshore.
W/O. Bedford 
F/O. Skinner 
F/O. Hyde
Patrol     Aircraft carried out patrols during return of friendly bombers - nothing to report. A section of Spitfires carried out night flying practice.
4th Oct Spitfires         No operational flying - one Air Test of Spitfire. Also section of spitfires on night flying
5th Oct Spitfires F/S Murland, Vickery Search     Searched N. 4555 for reported baled out Mustang pilot - N.T.R.
  Walrus W/O Bedford 
L/A Westbrook
Search 12.15   Scrambled to pick up baled out fighter pilot at N.1560.  Found survivor clinging to dinghy but sea state too rough to effect boarding.  the walrus landed and taxied to him but they were unable to to pick him up due to severe buffeting and lack of control.  Crew retained hold of survivor until trawler lowered a boat and pick up.  On attempting to take-off after transfer - Walrus lost port float - an attempt was made to take Walrus H.D. 933 in tow, but she was sinking fast and was cast off - just another right off (sp. write off).
6th Oct Spitfires 


F/L McLeod 
F/L Miller 

F/L Pawsey 
F/Sgt Vickery

Search 06:40A   1 section of Spitfires airborne at 06:40 and assisted Warwick aircraft in search - finding one dinghy with three bodies at N.7147 and later a dinghy with one man at N.7156.  They were relieved over area for orbiting watch by further 2

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