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5th Emergency Rescue Squadron Gallery

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Click the thumbnails for a larger image P-47D 42-75855 5F-A "Tony". Said to be the Commanding Officer's a/c. P-47D 42-75855 5F-A "Tony". P-47D 42-75855 5F-A "Tony". In the number two slot is 42-75228 5F-G "Harriet". P-47D 42-75855 5F-A "Tony". Showing the unit logo to good advantage. P-47D 42-75228 5F-G "Harriet". P-47D 42-8410 5F-L. P-47D 42-74705 5F-O "Lady Lorelei". P-47D 42-8586 5F-S. Seen in the left background is 42-8646 5F-Y "Primrose Peggy". P-47D 42-8496 5F-X "Galloping Catastrophe". Seen here with new D-Day striping covering the code letters. P-47D 42-8496 5F-X "Galloping Catastrophe". Nick's profile shows this a/c a little later on in her service career. See large image for detail notes.

Profile by Nick King
* Additional data P-47D 42-7922 5F-Z. Seen in this shot with the full compliment of 0.50s - ASR P-47s were normally reduced to 2 in each wing. P-47D 42-8496 5F-X "Galloping Catastrophe". The D-Day stripes have now been removed from the wings but are still present on the upper fuselage. It seems that the stripes were reinstated on the wing undersides as the profile seen above is taken directly from a colour photo.

Photo: 457th Bomb Group Association A clearer shot of P-47D 42-75855 5F-A "Tony" with 42-75228 5F-G "Harriet" flying wing.

Photo: Dan Jones P-47D 42-75855 5F-A "Tony".

Photo: Nathan Howland P-47D 42-75855 5F-A "Tony" pictured after removal of the D-Day stripes but now fitted with a “Malcolm” Hood.

Photo: Roger Freeman P-47D 42-8375 5F-C. Flying in the number two slot is 42-74622 5F-R "Terry". Rare photo of this unit, taken before the distinctive red/white/blue nose stripes were added.

Photo: Dan Jones In the background of this shot is P-47D 42-75528 5F-H.”Diane III” whilst P-47D 42-8496 5F-X "Galloping Catastrophe" shows its artwork in the foreground.

Photo: Dan Jones P-47D 42-74622 5F-R "Terry" seen here post war at Debden with its camouflage paintwork removed and sporting the unit's flamboyant nosebands. It was used for transitional training for the 4th FG's possible re-deployment to the PTO.

Photo: Edward B Richie CWO 4th Fighter Group P-47D 42-8554 5F-W undergoing engine overhaul outside the unit’s blister hangar.

Photo: Dan Jones Engine failure was the cause of this crash of 42-8401 5F-K “Chris” at Tibenham on 16 August 1944. Unlucky pilot involved was Lt. Robert [NMI] Jones.

Photo: USAAF
* Additional data Pilots of 5th ERS photographed on 9 March 1945. From L-R: Rear Row; Lt. Samuel T Korodi, Lt. Peter [NMI] Voninski, Lt. Dwight E Murkley, Lt. James B Allison Jr., Lt. Donald Whitright, Lt. Joe Bzdelik. Front Row, Lt. Louis H Manard, Lt. William R Brock and Lt. Marvin W Moore.

Photo: Pete Voninski via Rick Adams Lt. Dwight E Murkley seen alongside his P-47.

Photo: Sander Woonings P-47D 42-25711 5F-D “Bubbles”. An ex 359th fighter squadron, 356th fighter group aircraft, “Bubbles” was lost on 1st August 1944 with pilot Lt. John W Clark being killed in action; crashing into the Channel some 20 miles North-East of Southwold

Photo: Nathan Howland