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495th & 496th Fighter Group Gallery

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Click the thumbnails for a larger image 495th FTG 552nd FTS P-47C 41-6203 DQ-H_ "The Flying Ute" (L) / "Windy" (R). Seen on the wing is Lt. Warren E "Russell" Lobdell who used this a/c a number of times before being posted to his operational unit (358th FG 366th FS 9th AF). This a/c was previously Capt. Jack D Brown's UN-J with the 56th FG and as can be seen, retained his personal markings.

Photo: Gregory J Hackenberg 495th FTG 552nd FTS P-47C 41-6203 DQ-H_ "The Flying Ute" (L) / "Windy" (R). Another view of this a/c with Lt. Lobdell and friend posing for the camera.

Photo: Gregory J Hackenberg 495th FTG 551st FTS P-47C 41-6245 VM-A_ . This a/c was used by the unit CO. Capt. Ervin L "Dusty" Miller. It was previously with the 78th FG where it was coded WZ-M.

Photo: USAAF 495th FTG 552nd FTS. P-47D 42-75129 DQ-P. A well known photo of this a/c in a very sad condition. Worth showing here though so as to record the event. DQ-P was parked at Atcham as normal when on 9 June 1944 it was hit by P-47C 41-6538 DQ-K piloted at the time by Lt. James E Cuddihee with the result as seen. 41-6538 in the background with the damaged prop., was previously with the 4th FG.

Photo: USAAF P-47D 42-26637 bearing the VM-P_ code of the 495th FTG's 551st FS. Named "Kokomo" with the word "Buffalo" a later addition, this a/c was used as a personal mount by Maj.Gen. William E "Bill" Kempner.

Profile by Nick King P-38 B9-V "Fish 'n Chips" of 496th FTG 554 FTS. Unfortunately, the serial number of this particular a/c is currently unknown so that its previous history cannot be traced.

Profile by Nick King P-47D 42-8381 LJ-B of the 3rd GTTF based at East Wretham. This a/c was previously the mount of Maj. Don Bryan of the 352nd FG 328th FS where it wore the codes PE-B. Although "war-weary" it still bears Maj. Bryan's personal marking "Little One" which was in honour of his petite wife.

Photo: 359th Fighter Group Association Nice shot of the Atcham Control Tower with a mixed bag of a/c in view. The Lysander in USAAF markings is most likely from the 1st GTTF but the P-47 and what appears to be a RAF Beaufighter are from unknown units.

Photo: Gregory J Hackenberg Lt. Warren E "Russell" Lobdell seen using the standard mode of transportation on wartime airfields - in this case Atcham again, prior to his transfer to the 358th FG at High Halden.

Photo: Gregory J Hackenberg Nice atmospheric shot of 3GTTF personnel queueing for refreshments at what appears to be either a NAAFI or "Sally Ann" (Salvation Army) van. Photo taken looking out from their T2 hangar at East Wretham. The serial # of LJ-A is unfortunately just too indistinct to enable confirmation.

Photo: 359th Fighter Group Association Brig. Gen. Murray C Woodbury. HQ 66th Fighter Wing. P-47D 42-8372 "Piccadilly Pete"

Photo: USAAF Interesting photo of landing accident at Station 597 Langford Lodge on 6 July 1944. 42-7870 "Pappy" was coded LM-R when with the 56th FG and assigned to Maj. Horace C "Pappy" Craig. The artwork here is different from that seen on the same a/c in the 56th FG gallery so it looks like the artwork was redone. At the time of this accident it was with the 312th Ferrying Squadron and the pilot involved was George T Langford. It is possible that the nose band seen here is the yellow of the 62nd FS prior to the adoption of red group markings by the 56th FG.

Photo: David McKee Another interesting landing accident at Langford lodge. This time on 18 May 1944 with the pilot being Henry F Glass. P-47C 41-6254 is another ex 56th FG a/c also with 312th Ferrying Squadron at the time of the crash. Roger Freeman says that 41-6254 was Lt.Col. Leslie C Smith's "C" model and Smith told him that his one of the seven dwarfs was "Bashful". Any input is welcome on the 56th FG "Dwarfs" of 61st FS.

Photo: David McKee Brig. Gen. Murray C Woodbury. HQ 66th Fighter Wing. P-47D 42-26648 "Piccadilly Pete II". Photographed here at Duxford, it’s normal base.

Photo: Garry Fry Brig. Gen. Murray C Woodbury. HQ 66th Fighter Wing. P-47D 42-26648 "Piccadilly Pete II".

Photo: Danny Morris P-47C 41-6530 VM-A of 551st Fighter Training Squadron. This aircraft was previously UN-J “Windy” of Capt. Jack D Brown. The second of Capt. Brown's aircraft to go to the 495th FTG

Photo: 56th FG Museum, Halesworth