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The 5th Emergency Resue Squadron

(Air Sea Rescue Squadron)
Boxted 1 May 1944 to 16 January 1945
Halesworth 16 January 1945 - EOW
Station Callsign:
Boxted: Dogday
Halesworth: Sturdy
Unit Callsign:
Code 5F
Callsign Teamwork

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Serial No Type Squad CodePilot Rank / Given Names Markings Comments MACR
42-22472 P-47D 5ERS LH-G     Shamrock Category 4 take-off accident 440527 Boxted. Lt. Gerald P Devine. A/c still had 353FG markings.  
42-22476 P-47D 5ERS 5F-V Voninski Lt. Peter NMI Helen Previously with 78th FG as MX-S "Fortune's Fool" and crash-landed Martlesham Heath on 4 January 1944 with Lt. Joseph E Scheibler as MX-J. Reissued to 5ERS.  
42-22547 P-47D 5ERS 5F-           
42-22784 P-47D 5ERS 5F-N          
42-25711 P-47D 5ERS 5F-D     Bubbles Lost 1 Aug 44 - Lt. John W Clark MIA 7735
42-74622 P-47D 5ERS 5F-R     Terry    
42-74664 P-47D 5ERS 5F-U       Collided with 42- 8402 5F-F on landing 8 Aug 44  
42-74690 P-47D 5ERS 5F-J          
42-74705 P-47D 5ERS 5F-O Judd Lt. Russell P Lady Lorelei Lost in this a/c 8 April 45 - KIA in mid-air collision with 42-76175 5F-D.  
42-74724 P-47D 5ERS 5F-           
42-74744 P-47D 5ERS 5F-P     Blind Date    
42-75154 P-47D 5ERS 5F-I          
42-75228 P-47D 5ERS 5F-G     Harriet w/w to 361 F/G as E2-L  
42-75528 P-47D 5ERS 5F-H Akard Lt. Richard J Jr. Diane III    
42-75855 P-47D 5ERS 5F-A     Tony w/w  
42-76175 P-47D 5ERS 5F-D     Big Dick III Lost 8 April 45 - collision with 42-74705 5F-O. F/O Louis S Davis KIA  
42-7899 P-47D 5ERS 5F-M          
42-7910 P-47D 5ERS 5F-Q          
42-7922 P-47D 5ERS 5F-Z       w/w  
42-8375 P-47D 5ERS 5F-C          
42-8401 P-47D 5ERS 5F-K     Chris (R) Crashed Station 124 Tibenham, due to engine failure 16 August 1944. Pilot Lt. Robert Jones  
42-8402 P-47D 5ERS 5F-F       Suffered accident on ferry flight from Burtonwood to Boxted on 21 May 1944. Collided with 42-74664 5F-U on landing 8 Aug 44  
42-8410 P-47D 5ERS 5F-L       Retired 1 Aug 44  
42-8485 P-47D 5ERS 5F-T          
42-8496 P-47D 5ERS 5F-X     Galloping Catastrophe Lost 13 March 45. Lt. Thomas E Barket killed following mid-air collision with B-24 42-50359 'TARFU' from Seething.  
42-8554 P-47D 5ERS 5F-W       w/w  
42-8586 P-47D 5ERS 5F-S       w/w  
42-8646 P-47D 5ERS 5F-Y     Primrose Peggy    
42-8693 P-47D 5ERS 5F-E Bateman Lt. Jack H Miss Margaret/Pee Wee    
43-25534 P-47D 5ERS 5F-B     Invincible Faye    
43-25565 P-47D 5ERS 5F-K     Chris's Favorite Ex 56th FG 61st FS. Crashed 15 Dec 44  
42-7914 P-47D 5ERS 5F-        Ex HL-P of 78FG 83FS  
42-76143 P-47D 5ERS 5F-X          
42-8619 P-47D 5ERS 5F-K     Man Made Monster w/w. From 4th FG as QP-O name retained.  
42-8490 P-47D 5ERS 5F-L     Bundle Of Joy    

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