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The 55th Fighter Group
Nuthampstead 16 September 1943 to 16 April 1944
Wormingford 16 April 1944 to 21 July 1945
Station Callsign:
Rockcreek (Nuthampstead)
Fusspot (Wormingford)
Group Callsign:
Smallboy to 22 April '44 then:
Windsor (A Group)
Graphic (B Group)
Kodak (C Group)
(No Squadron Callsigns in C Group)
38th Fighter Squadron Code: CG Symbol: Triangle Callsign: Swindleto 22 April '44 then:
Hellcat (A Group)
Program (B Group)
338th Fighter Squadron Code: CL Symbol: Circle Callsign: Warcraft to 22 April '44 then:
Acorn (A Group)
Richard (B Group)
343rd Fighter Squadron Code: CY Symbol: Square Callsign: Careful to 22 April '44 then:
Tudor (A Group)
Saucy (B Group)

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Serial No Type Squad CodePilot Rank / Given Names Markings Comments MACR
44-14167 P-51D 338 CL-D Dempsey Capt. Peter Ginger Reassigned to Barrett  
44-63563 P-51D 338  -A       Belly landed Kaufbeuren 6 April 1946 - Lt. Charles E Eder  
44-14112 P-51D 338 CL-A     Evelyn    
42-67954 P-38J 338 CL-  Buskirk Capt. Clair E "Buz"   Artwork of diving eagle.  
44-13618 P-51D 338 CL-        Lost 28 February 1945 - Capt. Jerry R McDonald KIA  
44- P-51D 338 CL-  Wright Capt. Albert E II Bama Gal Named for his wife Mildred who came from Alabama.  
42-67094 P-38H 338 CL-E       Crash-landed 15 November 1943  
42-67764 P-38J 343 CY-  Coggeshall Capt. Chester E Jr.      
44-14089 P-51D 343 CY-U Milner Lt. Robert A Little Rebel    
44- P-51D 343 CY-N Nastanovich F/O George The Mad Russian    
44-13343 P-51D 38 CG-G Totten F/O Wesley V Sad Sack (R) Reassigned from Gould.  
44-14156 P-51D 338 CL-F Ramm Capt. Albert J Jigglin' Joan    
44-14211 P-51D 338 CL-S Miller Lt. Roy D Skylark    
44-14296 P-51D 343 CY-I Yee Litt Lt, Robert H Jr.   Reassigned to Love  
44-15022 P-51D 338 CL-  Barrett Lt. Richard I Purple Shaft    
44-15123 P-51D 38 CG-B Amos Lt. Dudley M Queenie    
44-15492 P-51D 38 CG-U Cunnick Lt. John W III Huacoar (L) My Kitten (R) From Clemmons  
44-63231 P-51D 343 CY-R Adams Lt. Donald E   Reassigned post war from Ryan  
44-63693 P-51D 38 CG-R Staggs Capt. William B Wild Honey    
44-63745 P-51D HQ CY-C Crowell Col. George T   Reassigned to Howes  
44--72439 P-51D 343 CY-L Langelier Lt. Daniel A      
42-67740 P-38J 338 CL-J          
42-67946 P-38J 38 CG-G          
42-67044 P-38H 338 CL-U          
42-67018 P-38H 38 CG-W          
42-67881 P-38J 343 CY-W          
42-67881 P-38J 38 CG-H       Transfer from 343FS  
43-28341 P-38J 38 CG-O Kreft Capt. Willard L Peoria Pulverisor Named for his Hometown. Reassigned to Landers  
42-67040 P-38H 38 CG-H          
  P-38 343 CY-  Bauer Lt. Harold M Georgetta    
  P-38 338 CL-  Blanchard Capt. Merle E Big Nick    
  P-38 38 CG-  Conners Lt. Robert M Sweet Elouise    
  P-38 38 CG-Z Des Voignes Capt. Clair W Ascend Charlie    
  P-38 343 CY-A Dvorak Lt. Edward J Honey Rose II    
  P-38J 38 CG-H Hancock Maj. James H Repuls-ive    
  P-38 38 CG-  Holderman Lt. Eugene M Betty Jane    
43-28341 P-38J 38 CG-O Landers Col. John D "Firewall, Big Ass" Texas Longhorn Transferred to 479th FG.  
  P-38 38 CG-  Patterson Lt. Leon M Mississippi Mudcat    
  P-38 38 CG-  Rosenburgh Capt. Robert A Picadilly Rose    
  P-38 38 CG-  Thorsen Lt. Arthur L Iki Aga    
  P-38 343 CY-  Tischer Lt. Frank L Ellie - My Little Six    
  P-38 38 CG-  Wyche Capt. Wilton Butch    
42- P-38H 343 CY-G Giller Maj. Edward B The Millie G    
42-66718 P-38H 343 CY-T          
42-66966 P-38H 343 CY-Q Penners Lt. Clair A Little Man    
42-67015 P-38H 38 CG-O Kreft Capt. Willard L   Crash-landed Nuthampstead 3 November 1943  
42-67025 P-38H 338 CL-V       Take off accident 19 Dec 43 - Lt. Arthur Baranick  
42-67027 P-38H 38 CG-G Brown Maj. Gerald A "Brownie" "Jerry"   Per P-38A  
42-67028 P-38H 38 CG-G Brown Maj. Gerald A "Brownie" "Jerry"   Per AW2  
42-67030 P-38H 338 CL-V White Capt. Thomas A Janet    

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