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496th Fighter Training Group

Goxhill 25 December 1943 to 15 February 1945
Halesworth 15 February 1945 to June 1945
Station Callsign:
Goxhill (Information Needed)
Halesworth Sturdy
Group Callsign:
Atcham (Information Needed)
Cheddington (Information Needed)
554th Fighter Training Squadron No badge authorised Code: B9 Callsign: (Information Needed)
555th Fighter training Squadron No badge authorised Code: C7 Callsign: (Information Needed)

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Serial No Type Squad CodePilot Rank / Given Names Markings Comments MACR
42-67211 P-38J HQ B9-           
42-106448 P-51B 555FTS C7-C          
42-106659 P-51B 555FTS C7-V          
42-106761 P-51B 555FTS C7-K          
42-106869 P-51B 555FTS C7-V          
42-106934 P-51B 555FTS C7-           
43-12149 P-51B 555FTS C7-B          
43-12150 P-51B 555FTS C7-T          
43-12151 P-51B 555FTS C7-           
43-12154 P-51B 555FTS C7-           
43-12171 P-51B 555FTS C7-G          
43-12171 P-51B 555FTS C7-S          
43-12172 P-51B 555FTS C7-N          
43-12173 P-51B 555FTS C7-R          
43-12174 P-51B 555FTS C7-        Ex FT-I from 354th FG 9th AF  
43-12190 P-51B 555FTS C7-           
43-12193 P-51B 555FTS C7-D          
43-12195 P-51B 555FTS C7-C          
43-12195 P-51B 555FTS C7-C          
43-12210 P-51B 555FTS C7-E          
43-12212 P-51B 555FTS C7-M          
43-12213 P-51B 555FTS C7-           
43-12214 P-51B 555FTS C7-           
43-12255 P-51B 555FTS C7-L          
43-12411 P-51B 555FTS C7-G          
43-12416 P-51B 555FTS C7-V          
43-12417 P-51B 555FTS C7-O          
43-12419 P-51B 555FTS C7-S          
43-12424 P-51B 555FTS C7-F          
43-12438 P-51B 555FTS C7-F          
43-12438 P-51B 555FTS C7-P          
43-12460 P-51B 555FTS C7-Z          
43-12460 P-51B 555FTS C7-A          
43-12488 P-51B 555FTS C7-           
43-6496 P-51B 555FTS C7-E          
43-6503 P-51B 555FTS C7-Y       From 352 F/G  
43-6506 P-51B 555FTS C7-Z          
43-6565 P-51B 555FTS C7-           
43-6570 P-51B 555FTS C7-N          
43-6644 P-51B 555FTS C7-G          
43-6768 P-51B 555FTS C7-Y       Ex VF-Y of 4th FG. Lost 24 October 1944. Capt. Charles F Hess (1st Scouting Force) killed bailing out too low due to engine failure.  
43-6772 P-51B 555FTS C7-           
43-6781 P-51B 555FTS C7-Y          
43-6862 P-51B 555FTS C7-B          
43-6870 P-51B 555FTS C7-F          
43-6955 P-51B 555FTS C7-           
43-7000 P-51B 555FTS C7-           
42-102998 P-51C 555FTS C7-E          
42-102999 P-51C 555FTS C7-H          
42-103007 P-51C 555FTS C7-X          

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