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The 356th Fighter Group
Martlesham Heath 5 October 1943 to 2 November 1945
Station Callsign:
Group Callsign:
Soundwave to 22 April '44 then:
Lampshade (A Group)
Notebook (B Group)
Seaweed (C Group)
(No Squadron Callsigns in C Group)
359th Fighter Squadron Code: OC Callsign: Beachhouse
to 22 April '44 then:
Farmhorse (A Group)
Bucket (B Group)
360th Fighter Squadron Code: PI Callsign: Plaster
to 22 April '44 then:
Vortex (A Group)
Deansgate (B Group)
361st Fighter Squadron Code: QI Callsign: Molecat
to 22 April '44 then:
Chinwag (A Group)
Webber (B Group)

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Serial No Type Squad CodePilot Rank / Given Names Markings Comments MACR
  P-47D 360 PI-  Adams Lt. Charles W Frances' Favorite Named for mother Frances Adams  
  P-47D 360 PI-L Bluhm Capt. Roy B Jr. Texas Lady    
  P-47D 360 PI-Y Borelli Capt. Bernard Jersey Panic    
  P-47D 360 PI-M Carlson Capt. Donald D The Thundering Three    
  P-47D 360 PI-B Cook Capt. James R Quirk's Dark Horse Named for girl friend - Mary Jane Quirk  
  P-47D 360 PI-B Cook Capt. James R Quirk's Dark Horse II Named for girl friend - Mary Jane Quirk  
  P-47D 359 OC-  Easley Capt. Preston W The Virginia Squire    
  P-47D 360 PI-E Ellington Capt. Bertrum E      
  P-47D 360 PI-D Fletcher Capt. Westwood H Jr Podunk    
  P-47D 360 PI-D Fletcher Capt. Westwood H Jr Podunk II    
  P-47D 360 PI-  Green Lt. Shirley J Lone Star Lady Named from home - Aransas Pass TX.  
  P-47D 360 PI-  Johnson Lt. William E Jr. Kitten Name is pet name for wife  
  P-47D 360 PI-W Knapp Lt. Lester H Knapp Sack    
  P-47D 360 PI-K Krieger Maj. Andrew E Jr. Fancy Nancy    
  P-47D 360 PI-  Maxwell Lt. Wallace G Adolph's Horror    
  P-47D 360 PI-  McCullough Lt. Philip E Big Dick Named for father Richard McCullough  
  P-47D 360 PI-  Niemi Capt. Albert V The Cape Codder Name from hometown - Cape Cod  
  P-47D 361 QI-V Racine Lt. Rolland W "Hambone"      
  P-47D 360 PI-  Romine Lt. Jack T Black Jack    
  P-47D 360 PI-S Russell Capt. Francis M Buckeye Bullet    
  P-47D 360 PI-L Vitali Capt. Chester A Dedham Dreadnought Name from hometown - Dedham  
  P-47D 360 PI-S     Madelyn & Marge    
  P-47D 360 PI-      Beachcomber    
  P-47D 361 QI-      Flak Happy    
  P-47D 359 OC-P     Spoiled Brat    
  P-47D 360 PI-O Pleasant Capt. Edward W Franny Boy / Mayor of Turner Falls Named for his brother.  
41-6575 P-47C    -      The Old Man w/w hack at Martlesham. No unit markings carried.  
41-6580 P-47C 361 QI-P       squadron hack.  
42- P-47D 359 OC-H Cooley Capt. Warren C Lonesome Pole-Cat    
42-106570 P-51B 360 PI-        Lost 15 May 45 - Lt. John E Stanick bailed out.  
42-106971 P-51B    -        w/w hack at Martlesham. No squadron markings carried.  
42-22461 P-47D 361 QI-N       Transferred out on day of receipt.  
42-22468 P-47D 361 QI-Z       Transferred out on day of receipt.  
42-22469 P-47D 360 PI-      Old Master Lost 9 Sept 44 - Lt. John H Garlent KIA 8656
42-22479 P-47D 360 PI-        From 361FS Lost 23 May 44 Lt. Grant F Moyer KITA  
42-22479 P-47D 361 QI-V          
42-22488 P-47D 359 OC-F          
42-22517 P-47D 359 OC-U Ogden Capt. Harold A Eager Eagle    
42-22517 P-47D 359 OC-J          
42-22520 P-47D 361 QI-N Erickson Lt. Milton F   Lost 10 Feb 44 - Lt. Merrill W DeMerit Jr. POW 2163
42-22524 P-47D 359 OC-S Rann Maj. Richard A      
42-22524 P-47D 360 PI-      Grace Lost 29 Aug 44 - Lt. Thomas D Teel KIA 8316
42-22525 P-47D 361 QI-V Racine Lt. Rolland W "Hambone"   Lost in this a/c 11 Jan 44 - KIA 1742
42-22528 P-47D 359 OC-B White Lt.Col. Ernest J Jr.      
42-22533 P-47D 361 QI-E Perrin Capt. John P Buggs Bunny    
42-22533 P-47D 361 QI-V          
42-22534 P-47D 360 PI-           
42-22535 P-47D 360 PI-N Withers Capt. Raymond R Kathleen Ann Lost 20 March 44 - F/O. Howard P Maupin Evaded 3394
42-22536 P-47D    -           
42-22540 P-47D 360 PI-           

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