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The 353rd Fighter Group

The Slybird Group
Bill's Buzz Boys
Metfield from 3 August 1943 to 12 April 1944
Raydon from 12 April 1944 to 10 October 1945
Station Callsign:
Boyhood (Metfield)
Cockle (Raydon)
Group Callsign:
Slybird to 22 April '44 then:
Jonah (A Group)
Keylock (B Group)
Muffin (C Group)
(No Squadron Callsigns in C Group)
350th Fighter Squadron Code: LH Callsign: Pipeful
to 22 April '44 then:
Seldom (A Group)
Persian (B Group)
351st Fighter Squadron Code: YJ Callsign: Roughman
to 22 April '44 then:
Lawyer (A Group)
Squirrel (B Group)
352nd Fighter Squadron Code: SX Callsign: Wakeford
to 22 April '44 then:
Jockey (A Group)
Bullring (B Group)

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Serial No Type Squad CodePilot Rank / Given Names Markings Comments MACR
44-14694 P-51D 352 SX-F Lang Lt. Albert P Eleanor    
42-8446 P-47D 352 SX-B Bailey Maj. William B   To 361st FG.  
42-22465 P-47D 352 SX-Y Streit Lt. William F Scotty Bill (R side only) Battle damage 30th January 1944.  
42-22466 P-47D 352 SX-E Sperry Lt. Clinton H Mary Jayne Named for his wife. Reassigned to Tuttle.  
42-22470 P-47D 352 SX-        Battle damage 10th February 1944  
42-26463 P_47D 352 SX-Y Reinhardt Lt. Edwin D O.U. Kid Rock Em Ohio    
42-74659 P-47D 352 SX-        Battle damage 1st December 1943.  
42-75271 P-47D 352 Poindexter-Maj. James N          
42-75281 P-47D 352 SX-        Battle damage 22nd February 1944.  
42-75631 P-47D 352 SX-           
42-75683 P-47D 352 SX-Z Marchant Lt. William S Big Totsy Reassigned from Dustin  
44-19564 P-47D 352 SX-W Forkin Capt. Thomas J Diamond Lil To 78th FG.  
44-14674 P-51D 352 SX-H Motley Lt. James L Carolyn Reassigned to Schoen  
42-25957 P-47D 352 SX-U Ackard Lt. Richard R Lovely Lola To 56th FG  
44-72113 P-51D 352 SX-E McAdory Lt. Louis M The Lord is my Shepherd To Sweden post was as 26089  
42-25971 P-47D HQ LH-X Duncan Col. Glenn E Dove of Peace VI Lost in this a/c 7 July 44 - Evaded 6696
42-7977 P-47D HQ  -           
42-8395 P-47D HQ YJ-S Christian Lt.Col. Shannon Cookie (L&R) Lost 25 Nov 43 - Lt. Col. Loren G McCollom POW 1446
42-7990 P-47D HQ YJ-  Morris Lt.Col. Joseph A   Lost in this a/c 16 August 1943 - MIA  

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