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The 352th Fighter Group

The Bluenosed Bastards of Bodney
Bodney 8 July 1943 to 3 November 1945
(Asche & Chievres between 23 Dec. '44 & 13 Apr. '45)
Station Callsign:
Speedboat (Beachhouse from April 1945)
Group Callsign:
Hatfield to 22 April '44 then:
Topsy (A Group) (Packload from April '45)
Bearskin (B Group)
Cloister (C Group)
(No Squadron Callsigns in C Group)
328th Fighter Squadron Code: PE Callsign: Turndown
to 22 April '44 then:
Ditto (A Group) (Screwcap from April '45)
Tarmac (B Group)
486th Fighter Squadron Code: PZ Callsign: Handspun
to 22 April '44 then:
Angus (A Group)
Rocket (B Group)
487th Fighter Squadron Code: HO Callsign: Crownprince
to 22 April '44 then:
Transport (A Group)
Vicar (B Group)

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Serial No Type Squad CodePilot Rank / Given Names Markings Comments MACR
44-72921 P-51D 328 PE-B Bryan Maj. Donald S Little One IV Named for his petite wife. To 479th FG as Scat VII.  
42-106751 P-51B 487 HO-B Barnes Lt. Harry H Barne Stormer Re-named to Williams Villian by Barnes.  
44-11330 P-51D 487 HO-J Cole F/O Charles E Joanie Named for his wife. A/c from Littge.  
42-103310 P-51C 487 HO-        Lost 9 May 1944 - Lt. Jule V Conrad bailed out due to MAC with 42-106502 - Lt. Ernest B McMahan killed  
44-13530 P-51D 487 HO-A Wittekiend Lt. Kenneth F Millie Reassigned from Schuh  
44-13870 P-51D 487 HO-        To 7th PRG  
44-14224 P-51D 486 PZ-A Meyer Lt. Earl J Bonnie Lee Reassigned to Smigelski.  
42-106430 P-51B 486 PZ-K Karl Lt. Bernard H Joe and Belle    
44-14819 P-51D 487 HO-G Goebel Lt. Anthony H Genny Cloud His wife's maiden name (Genevieve Cloud) Reassigned from Greer. A/c to 357 FG post war for occupation duty.  
44-14215 P-51D 486 PZ-V Johnson F/O Marion D      
44-13343 P-51D 328 PE-S Semon Lt. Richard F Ding Bat From 55th FG.  
41-6135 P-47C 487 HO-        a/c coded 305 @ Mitchell Field. New York  
41-6323 P-47C 486 PZ-Y McKibben Lt. Donald Sneezy Artwork - Sneezy from Snow White  
41-6531 P-47C 486 PZ-K Miklajcyk Capt. Henry J "Mike" The Syracusan (ex 56 F/G )  
42- P-47D 328 PE-  Furr Lt. William W Lois    
42- P-47D 487 HO-  Hannon Lt. James D Hell's Angels Artwork - two demons above name  
42- P-47D 486 PZ-U Rauk Capt. Lloyd A "Rocky" Dopey / Rauk-et Artwork - Dopey from Snow White  
42- P-47D 486 PZ-  Wanda Lt. Roy A Denny Boy    
42-22457 P-47D 487 HO-H Hamilton Capt. Ralph W "Ham" Frances B Too    
42-22467 P-47D 328 PE-H White Capt. Henry "Hank" Dallas Darling    
42-22474 P-47D 328 PE-I Thornell Lt. John F Jr. "Direct Line" Patty Ann (L&R) Named for his niece.  
42-22486 P-47D 486 PZ-H Harker Capt. Chester V "Chet" Cile / Luck of the Irish Artwork - Horseshoe/shamrock/dice. Lost 8 Mar 44 in MAC - Lt. Donald W McKibben  
42-22486 P-47D 486 PZ-M Mason Col. Joseph L This Is It (L&R)    
42-22491 P-47D 486 PZ-L Corcoran Lt. Martin E "Corky"      
42-22492 P-47D 487 HO-F Davis Capt. Clayton E "Ozzy" Marjorie Involved in MAC 8 Mar 44 - Lt. William E Fowler  
42-22509 P-47D 486 PZ-I Green Maj. Franklyn N "Frank" Snow White (+ artwork of Snow White)    
42-22513 P-47D 328 PE-R Cornick Lt. Raymond L Ilene    
42-22515 P-47D 487 HO-U Berkshire Lt. Robert H Jr. Brutal Lulu (L&R) (Artwork - Amazon swinging mace) Salvaged 11 March 1944 following crash-landing at RAF Manston with Lt. Berkshire  
42-8434 P-47D 487 HO-U Berkshire Lt. Robert H Jr.   From 355th FG. "Miss Behave" artwork removed on Lt.Col. Mayer's order as being "too provocative". Transferred to 328th FS as PE-V.  
42-22519 P-47D 328 PE-W Miller Lt. Fremont W Red Raider    
42-22529 P-47D 328 PE-J Coleman Capt. John B Jr. Mavourneen    
42-22534 P-47D 328 PE-X          
42-22547 P-47D 328 PE-U Zellner Lt. Edmund We Three Also flown by Lt. Charles Bennette  
42-22548 P-47D 486 PZ-G Gignac Maj. Edward J "Pappy" Gigs-Up (L&R) Artwork - Leaping black panther (both sides)  
42-22785 P-47D 487 HO-M Moran Lt. Glennon T "Bubbles"      
42-74644 P-47D 486 PZ-Q Marshall Lt. Alfred L Sweet Chariot    
42-74720 P-47D 487 HO-T McMahan Capt. Ernest B Honey Baby    
42-75057 P-47D 328 PE-O Bennette Lt. Charles J   Taxi accident Bungay 15 Feb 44 - Lt. Edmund Zellner  
42-75072 P-47D 487 HO-A Allison Lt. Fred M Jr. Opal Lee (L) Betty Jayne (R)    
42-75076 P-47D 486 PZ-B Higgins Capt. Donald H "Spirit of Roosevelt Junior-High School"    
42-75138 P-47D 486 PZ-F Fahrenwald Lt. Theodore P "Ted"      
42-75157 P-47D 486 PZ-        Lost in MAC 8 Mar 44 - Capt. Henry J Miklajcyk  
42-75183 P-47D 486 PZ-H Heller Capt. Edwin L Happy    
42-75223 P-47D 487 HO-           
42-75399 P-47D 486 PZ-P Cutler Capt. Frank A   Crash landed Bodney 1 Mar 44 - Capt. Russell J Leibfarth  
42-75399 P-47D 486 PZ-P Williams Lt. Kenneth S Izzy    
42-75513 P-47D 487 HO-K Kessler Lt. John P   Involved in MAC 8 Mar 44 - Lt.Col. John C Edwards  
42-75860 P-47D 487 HO-Z Luksic Lt. Carl J Lucky Boy    
42-75863 P-47D 487 HO-Y Bennett Maj. John R Pistol Packin Mama To 353 F/G  
42-76088 P-47D 487 HO-E Ellison Capt. Charles E      

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